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“I’d like to point out that it’s always better for the parties to resolve issues without the Court having to do so”

-Honorable Robert Russell, Retired Denver District Court Judge





MEDIATION allows you to stay in control of a process that feels out of control. In mediation, you decide and direct the negotiations and the outcomes.  We provide confidentially facilitated conversations and resolution-focused techniques for transitioning families, divorcing couples and co-parents. 


Mediation is right for you if you are seeking a more affordable, efficient and structured process to resolve your dispute. In our process, you are treated as real people, not parties to a case or a number.   Together, we create your agenda,  identify common ground, share education and invent creative solutions.


Our METHOD focuses on interests, not positions. In any negotiation; and especially in a divorce, the most effective method of resolution is using objective criteria. Objective criteria are factual pieces of information and data points independent of the people experiencing conflict. These data points are relevant to what is included and what is excluded from a meaningful negotiation.  





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