top of page says: Avoid Divorce Devastation

  • Settle out of court. 

  • Keep emotions out of it. 

  • Brush up on financial matters. 

  • Deal with debt strategically. 

  • Check financial statements. 

  • Alimony vs. child support. 

  • Revise lifestyle budget. 

  • Don't forget retirement. 

  • Hire good professionals.

  • Protect property interests.

Negotiate Don't Litigate

LegalZoom says: Top 5 Reasons to Mediate Divorce

1. Cost: Mediation can cut the costs of getting a divorce greatly since you won't both be paying for lawyers.

2. Time: Using mediation to decide on a separation settlement may mean that you get a divorce decree within months rather than years.

3. Stress: Spending less time and money to get a divorce will reduce stress placed on both spouses and on your children.

4. Privacy: Going through private mediation instead of public divorce proceedings means that you won't have to worry about an adverse impact on your reputation, family, friends, or business.

5. Control: Because both parties have input in the settlement, they have greater control over the process. Parties may be more willing to abide by a mediated settlement since the terms aren't simply imposed upon them by a judge.

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