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"I am going to take the high road because the low road is so crowded."  

- Mia Farrow

Consulting & Education

Divorce Financial Education & Planning is the key to resolving disagreements about money in divorce. If couples are educated about finances in divorce, they are more likely to work out settlements avoiding high litigation costs. According to, divorcing couples spend, on average, $20,000 to $30,000 in legal fees alone. In my experience, this number is low, especially if your case involves financial complexities. We provide the financial education so couples contemplating divorce understand the complexities of disentangling their financial lives. We look at the financial impact of the proposals and leave the legal advice to the lawyers. We have partnerships with lawyers, CPAs, mortgage professionals, parenting experts, and other highly skilled advocates for the amicable divorce process.

As Divorce Consultants, we provide pre-legal and non-legal advice. This minimizes the money you spend talking to your lawyer. If you find yourself in divorce litigation, you might consider a divorce consultant (coach.) You can debrief, reset and focus your thoughts and energy with the help of a good divorce consultant. Leave the legal work to your lawyer and the therapy to your therapist. Let a divorce consultant support you by bringing a different perspective to the divorce process.

Krista notes: "When I was a senior paralegal at a top tier firm, I watched clients spend thousands of dollars on lawyer fees venting about non-legal matters. While some attorneys are happy to bill their time to help you process your emotions and frustrations, it gets expensive quickly.

Divorce consultants can provide guidance when you prefer not to lean on friends and family. I often see clients who want to stay amicable during their divorce but the pressure and influence from well-meaning family and friends pulls them in a different direction.


Your divorce consultant is your brainstorming partner. The divorce process can take many months and your consultant sees you though to the end and beyond."


We provide supportive, objective guidance. We will help you stay organized in your thoughts and your paperwork. 

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